2016 February

More for Your Muse – Rainy Mood

I have a particular love for rain; I love that it gives me an excuse to stay inside and how it puts me in a creative mood, possibly because the tapping on my window reinforces my feeling that, though I should stay inside I should still be productive, or perhaps it’s because of old movies where writers […]

More for Your Muse – Youngblood Brass Band

Albums: Center:Level:Roar (2003), Is That a Riot? (2006), Pax Volumi (2013) Artist: Youngblood Brass Band Description: Youngblood Brass Band mixes the New Orleans-style brass band with elements of improvisation, punk and hip-hop. They are unique in the brass band scene due to this mixture and their music is immensely enjoyable, catchy, wild, and full of spirit. Vocalist/rapper David […]

Soundtracks for the Road – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

John Williams did for the Harry Potter franchise the same he did for Star Wars: created a household identity with his music. The primary melody, played on glockenspiel, is instantly recognizable and immediately conjures something magical in your imagination. For his third and final entry on the films, John Williams created new and exciting music […]