Goal of the site: To discover new music that aids you in writing, studying, creating art, and working.

How: Full albums are embedded from Youtube into each entry in the Music gallery. Simply click on an image and be brought to that album’s page. Click play and write!

The Why: I’ve spent a lot of the time that I should be writing on finding music to help me write. To help you along in the same quest I’ve created this handy blog, updated weekly, with music ideal for writing, working, or just being creative.

The music I use is most always instrumental; music with lyrics are just too distracting. I’ve been collecting soundtracks and classical music for many years and I continue to discover new genres of music that help the writing process, such as post-rock, electronic, shoegaze, indie, and even instrumental hip-hop. It all works per the context, so I’ve created filters for hopefully everything. Film scores make up the bulk of my list, and hopefully, after perusing them, you’ll understand why–the good ones are built on the tenets of great story-telling.

If you are looking for music to help you write a particular piece, let me know and I can help you track something down. Never hesitate to email me a suggestion or recommendation for what you write to!