Short story to be published!

Exciting news: my short story “The Fraudulent Corpse” has been selected for publication at Morpheus Tales. If you like dark fiction like me, do yourself a favor and head over to their website: My story will be published in issue #32

Our Hurricane Irma Experience

My family and I made it through the Hurricane Irma safe and sound and with four days of cleanup. Here’s a chronicle of our experience the night Irma changed course and came right at us. I wrote this during the evening, having little to do but play cards and fuck with my notepad while we waited for the […]

More for Your Muse: Skyrim Atmosphere

If you are one of the 4+ million people who’ve played Skyrim, you know the soundtrack is a recent hallmark in the industry. The soundtrack comes in 4 CDs, and the 4th is a 42min long atmospheric track, featuring long synths and environmental sounds from the game–wind, birds, insects, trees swaying, grass moving, etc. It’s […]

Music for Work: Parov Stelar

Holy shit is Parov Stelar great. Imagine the sounds and voices of the 1920’s mixed into electronic music of today and you’ve got Perov Stelar. You’ve probably heard some of his music in commercials around TV or the internet. The reason is because it’s upbeat, fun, and feel-good music. For those very reasons, I post it […]

More for Your Muse: More lo fi

Here’s another good playlist of lo hi tracks. If you enjoyed yesterday’s album post, you’ll definitely like this one. Love hurts… lofi hiphop mix

Minion heart attack

I asked my young sons to clean up the room. Came back through and got myself a bit of fright when I turned and saw this. Needless to say, I pushed the lid of the chest down.    

Write To: Teatr Licedei

I stumbled upon this gif yesterday: вбр795 GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY And, well, it’s strange. And oddly amusing. Often times, the things I stumble upon turn into ideas or characters I’d like to write one day if I wasn’t already drowning in my queue of everything else. I thought, hell, how about […]

More for Your Muse: ASMR

This one might be a bit out there for some, but hear me out. First, have you ever heard of autonomous sensory meridian response? I hadn’t either, though once I experienced the response following my journey into ASMR, I realized I’ve gotten this response prior in my life: I was getting a haircut. The stylist asked […]