Book of Silk – Tin Hat Trio

Album: Book of Silk

Artist: Tin Hat Trio

Released: 2005

Description: Tin Hat Trio is an acoustic chamber group from San Francisco, California. Their music is a melting pot of folk, bluegrass, jazz, gypsy, Eastern European and post-modernism music. Book of Silk is dotted with intimate melodies–intimate in the sense that they seem like a direct view into someone’s life, like a window placed over a real person that is attached to them for the length of the album. This perhaps is due to the tragic death of the guitarist’s wife shortly before the recording of the album. There is sadness here for sure but there is also a remembrance in things past, which is sometimes embodied sweetly. That concept is what makes this album great for writing; it is personal and built around emotions many can relate to, making it great material for writing literary fiction.