Casually Smashed to Pieces (Post-rock) – The Six Parts Seven

Album: Casually Smashed to Pieces

Artist: The Six Parts Seven

Released: 2007

Description: The Six Parts Seven have been making instrumental post-rock since the 90’s; their sound can be called ‘clean’ in that they use electric guitars without heavy distortion (that alone will give you some 90’s nostalgia), electric bass, acoustic drums, a vibraphone, and horns. There’s a dash of country here too, provided by a lap steel guitar. The personality of their music is subdued, down-tempo, but ripe with introspection and muted emotion which builds through instrumental layers. Though they build these layers, the crescendo does not reach heights to blow you backwards into a giant speaker at Doc Brown’s house, and it’s that restraint which makes this great background music for writing; it provides enough emotional material but won’t ever force you unwillingly toward an emotional decision in your writing, if that makes sense.


Check out Casually Smashed to Pieces if you’re story takes place between the 1990’s to present day, or highlights youth (and even the mental and emotional struggles of youth).