It Follows (Film Score) – Disasterpeace

Album: It Follows

Artist: Disasterpeace

Released: 2014

Disasterpeace is an American musician and composer that does a wide range of work, including video game soundtracks, personal work, and film scores, and has created what is probably my favorite horror score to come out of the last four years. It Follows is a new take on horror, where a woman is pursued by a supernatural entity following some steamy intercourse. The soundtrack is electronic but pays homage to many of the cult favorite horror scores through big synths and synths hammering out rhythmic strikes, but he also plays to the modern ear with brooding and building tones that undulate up and down the scales and percussion that just feels dangerous.

What Disasterpeace really does better than most with this score is the feeling of being pursued, that something is at your back and you can’t shake it and it’s never slowing.

This soundtrack is useful for modern-day horror writing.