Journey (Game Soundtrack) – Austin Wintory

Album: Journey

Artist: Austin Wintory

Released: 2012

Description: The magic that Austin Wintory creates with the Journey soundtrack is that he makes being in a vast desert a beautiful experience. If you have not played Journey, and I have not played it myself, do not worry about a disconnect between the gameplay experience and the listening experience. There’s so much wonder in the music and melodies played by ethnic strings that it will conjure emotions and calming focus in you, providing plenty of writing material without ever getting overly thematic and thus a distraction.  If you are fond of Jeremy Soule’s non-combat oriented pieces for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, or even some moments in Jame Horner’s Braveheart, you will find great joy in this album.

Here, Wintory does not need bombast to be dramatic; the drama is provided by effective melodies performed by ethnic strings, emulating what an individual’s experience would be like alone in the desert, should they not need food, drink, or warmth to survive an endless desert landscape. A singular experience within a vast environment is what Journey is. Great for studying and writing regional pieces.

Austin Wintory conducting

Austin Wintory conducting