Lo fi hip-hop – Curated by Chilled Cow

Low fidelity, or “lo fi”, means music with flaws, such as distortion, unusual stuttering, or modified frequencies. Producers have embraced lo fi for the personality these flaws can bring to music and have pointed it in the direction of calming, introspective tunes. It’s not hard to find ‘chill playlists’ all over Youtube and elsewhere in the lo fi genre.

The playlist I’ve chosen here, curated by Youtuber Chilled Cow, is one of my favorites from the group; it’s titled “Get some rest,” and what it’s effective at doing is unwinding you. After working all day, it’s hard to jump into writing without this unwinding. I give you this to help. Featuring music from a number of artists, there’s plenty of different styles here to enjoy, especially if you enjoy sound clips, voice overs, pianos, and strings over down-tempo beats.