mnq026 (Synthwave) – Survive

Album: mnq026

Artist: Survive

Released: 2012

Description: I only just discovered Survive after binge-watching the phenomenal Stranger Things on Netflix. The music was so instrumental in creating the nostalgia of the 80’s and its films while still being immensely effective in setting the mood and tone of the scenes. The creators of the soundtrack, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, are members of the Austin-based synthwave quartet, Survive. Without an official soundtrack out yet (yet!) I decided to give Survive’s album mnq026 a listen as I had a new thirst for that 80’s-synth sound. I’m glad I did.

Photo credit: Alex Kacha

Photo credit: Alex Kacha

If you loved the music in Stranger Things, or if you enjoy the retro sounds of 80’s electronica, do yourself a solid and listen to mnq026. The sound is often identical to the sound in Stranger Things, though less dark.