We Like it Here – Snarky Puppy

Album: We Like it Here

Artist: Snarky Puppy

Released: 2014

Description:  Snarky Puppy is an instrumental fusion band composed of some of the most talented musicians playing today on guitar, percussion and drums, brass, woodwinds, strings, piano and keyboard. Their latest album, We Like it Here was recorded in front of a live audience. The music is complex, energetic, and full of soul (and so much talent it’s falling out of their pockets). If you are a fellow percussionist you’ll want to listen to the album over and over again; Larnell Lewis sat behind the drums on this album and what he’s done is simply incredible. The guy has chops and he just puts an attitude into his playing that is missing on a lot of other professional drummers. Give the album a listen to if you want super-charged fusion pushing your writing or work. I’ll bet that you catch yourself nodding your head to these tracks.