Oceans (Film Score) – Bruno Coulais

Album: Oceans

Artist: Bruno Coulais

Released: 2010

Description: Oceans is a docudrama about the wonders of the seas the world over. Tasked for this role was French filmscore master Bruno Coulais, whose is often a go-to for regional and nature-based films (Himalaya, Amazonia, Microcosmos). His work for Oceans is at times melancholy, at times thrilling, but always with an air of wonder and majesty. Music written for aquatic life is often enjoyable and dramatic due to its alien and beautiful nature. The use of all types of string instruments, as well as the emotional cord struck throughout the soundtrack, makes this album perfect for literary writing, poetry, romance, work, or an afternoon in your house. One unfortunate note here is that the particular playlist below is missing six of the albums last tracks but they can be found via different youtubers if you are hooked.