Tracks (Film Score) – Garth Stevenson

Album: Tracks

Artist: Garth Stevenson

Released: 2014

Description: Tracks is an adaptation of Robyn Davidson’s memoir about her journey across the Australian desert with just four camels and her dog. In the film, the music is often used in scenes where there is little to no dialogue. It’s utilized that way to be like dialogue, telling the viewer her mental and emotional state at that time. For that reason, the music is quite meditative and therefore great to write to. It’s composed to scenes of vest desert landscapes, trekking alone through unknown environments, personal journey, a determined quest, discovering strength in yourslef, etc., all excellent contexts for music composition.  There are only a handful of instruments that make up the soundscape of the score, which adds to its personal nature. If you enjoy writing to introspective, ambient tracks, this one should be a go-to for you. It’s also good for writing about character’s thoughts, dialogue, and definitely for writing in first-person.