Various albums (Classical) – Thibault Cauvin

Album: Various

Artist: Thibault Cauvin

Released: Various


Thibault Cauvin, a French classical guitarist, has grown into international renown, earning praise such as, “Just incredible,” from the LA Times, or “A stylistic innovator,” by the New York Times. Last month, Cauvin released his 8th studio album, The Vivaldi Album to high praise. As a fan of Vivaldi’s music, I am always excited to hear his compositions performed by modern musicians as they bring new, stylistic approaches to the page. Below you can find an introductory video to The Vivaldi Album.

If classical guitar (and what you heard above suits you), I also present an earlier album of his, Danse avec Scarlatti. Here, Cauvin performs works by Domenico Scarlatti, the Italian composer who is primarily considered a Baroque composer but an influence on the evolution into Classical music. His performance is excellent and impressive in its complexity and style. Considering its Baroque composition with the modern take, I believe this album would be great for period stories, literary writing, or even romance. Kind of makes you want to have a glass of wine as you write. I think I should go grab a glass of wine.