Various Tracks (Instrumental Hip-Hop) – Blunted Beatz

Album: Various

Artist: Blunted Beatz

Released: Various

Instrumental hip-hop continues to prove how infectious it can be; with its catchy use of sampled melodies, clever nuances from measure to measure, all on top of constant, hoppy beats, this musical genre adds an attitude to your effort. By attitude I don’t mean an outward projection of negativity but rather a chip-on-your-shoulder, confident kind of attitude. Simply, it makes you feel like the boss.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I was introduced to Blunted Beatz by young poets who write to and perform performance poetry to their music. Blunted Beatz is a producer duo, Dr. Slice and Dave White, who hail from Hamburg. Their music is smooth, immensely catchy, and ideal for performance poetry because of that attitude it provides you. They smartly build layers of beats, instruments, and samples of vocals and instrumental clips, creating a soundscape that can exist alongside your muse as you write. The music never makes a sudden left turn; each track remains steady for its length, giving the writer less distraction while they work. With their appreciation for fine smokables as clear as it is, the enjoyment of the chill is prevalent, which, is a good thing when you’re trying to get your thoughts straight.

Photo by Blunted Beatz

Photo by Blunted Beatz

I am sharing a playlist of their music compiled by a non-affiliated Youtuber but all tracks in the playlist are directly from Blunted Beatz themselves. Give them a listen. Whether for writing or for work, there’s a lot to enjoy here.