Two Steps from Hell Compilation (Film Score)

Albums: Invincible (2010), Archangel (2011), SkyWorld (2012), Colin Frake on Fire Mountain (2014)

Artist: Two Steps from Hell

Description: Two Steps from Hell is a production music company that creates movie and trailer music (see their credits page for full list). Their music can be summed up in words like bombast, heroic, vanquishing evil, and similar tropes. This is not low-key, introspective music. It is meant to conjure the feeling of the listener (or viewer as it is set to video) to rally behind the hero as he rushes into danger. I’ve chosen their albums because of their ability to inspire epic scenes of conflict and sweeping drama. Perhaps in these albums you’ll find a track that fits your fantasy/action/adventure-themed writing.

Invincible (2010)


Archangel (2011)


SkyWorld (2012)


Colin Frake on Fire Mountain (2014)