More for Your Muse: ASMR

This one might be a bit out there for some, but hear me out. First, have you ever heard of¬†autonomous sensory meridian response? I hadn’t either, though once I experienced the response following my journey into ASMR, I realized I’ve gotten this response prior in my life: I was getting a haircut. The stylist asked to wash my hair afterwards. As I lay back with my head in the sink, the combination of the running water, squirt bottle of shampoo, and the sound of the rubbing of the shampoo, sent a tingle from my scalp all the way down my back. ASMR is an experienced characterized by this type of tingling response.

I found out that there’s an entire community of people on Youtube who make videos specifically to stimulate this response. All it takes is a good pair of headphones. These videos vary incredibly: some are recordings of people tapping objects or scratching a surface, a spray bottle, a haircut, and some go way into some…let’s say ‘taboo’ sounds. Every person has different triggers with ASMR. For me, it’s scratching, like running a pencil on rough paper.

Check out the video below. I can’t actually watch the guy while he’s doing the sounds (the whole thing is still a little weird for me, and intending to be intimate in some manner(?)) but it’s a great place to start. Make sure you have good, over-the-ear headpones!