Music for Work: Famicom Connection by Sabrepulse

If you are a fan of video games and have been playing since the late 80’s, early 90’s, you may, like me, share a love for the music of the 8-bit generation. As you may know, there is a whole genre of music, called chiptune, that creates music using the sounds from programmable sound generators used in old video games. Sabrepulse is a well-known artist in this genre, and Famicom Connection was the album that brought me into it. It’s upbeat, fun, and like the storylines of 8-bit games gone past, playfully dramatic (note: the first track on this album is mostly noise and the fun starts at track two).



If this genre sounds appealing to you, give Famicom Connection a listen. You might find yourself walking into the next budget meeting feeling like Pfc. Bill Rizer from Contra, ready to side-scroll through the deficit tab of the spreadsheet. Ugh, I’ll see myself out.

  • Sterling N. Pierce

    This sound takes me back to the days when the video game soundtracks were as important as the game itself. When you could recognize any game from the iconic sounds (jumps, hits, falls, etc) to the boss battles. There was a point in this that Contra and Altered Beast flashed through my vision while listening.

    I actually have a specific playlist dedicated to 8-bit music that makes my kids laugh – and many of them are from video games that I grew up with.

    I’ve been interested in picking up from the app store, Linkin Park’s 8-bit rebellion – just because the soundtrack sounds so amazing:

    • Steve

      Agreed! Nice, I will give this a listen. Haven’t heard of this before.