Henryk Górecki – Symphony No. 3, Symphony of Sorrowful Songs

Album: Symphony No. 3, also known as the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs

Artist: Henryk Górecki

Released: 2004 (composed in 1976)

Description: Aptly named the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, this is an album of intense sorrow and beauty. The music, if it were put to a scene, would fit the image of someone weeping in the throes of great loss. If you are familiar with the track “Am I Not Merciful?” from Zimmer’s Gladiator score (which almost sounds like Zimmer took a complete page from Górecki), it is immensely similar and even more heart-gripping. A worthy listen when writing about a character’s desolation, loss, or describing tragedy and destruction to your readers. It is truly a powerful piece of music.