More for Your Muse – Youngblood Brass Band

Albums: Center:Level:Roar (2003), Is That a Riot? (2006), Pax Volumi (2013)

Artist: Youngblood Brass Band

Description: Youngblood Brass Band mixes the New Orleans-style brass band with elements of improvisation, punk and hip-hop. They are unique in the brass band scene due to this mixture and their music is immensely enjoyable, catchy, wild, and full of spirit. Vocalist/rapper David Henzie-Skogen’s lyrics are intelligently written and executed, often leaning towards topical/political focuses on the latter two albums. The musicians are immensely talented and you can hear the enjoyment they have in their music.


Center:Level:Roar (2003)


Is That a Riot? (2006)


Pax Volumi (2013)