2015 February

Why Soundtracks?

Soundtracks are created to enhance the storytelling on-screen. Necessary in that storytelling is the setting, the characters, their emotions and actions, and a structure of events intended to entice the viewer to commit their attention to the film. When we write, we see the scene in our mind, imagining the face of our protagonist responding to a […]

Haunted Cacklebat – The Persistent Hand

The Persistent Hand by Steven Julson Melissa did not know what awful things Daddy had to do as a police officer until a thief broke into their home. Melissa was at the sink washing dishes when the thief came boldly through the backdoor, immediately going to work wrestling Melissa for her bracelet. The thief picked […]

Haunted Cacklebat Unresolved

The first book I completed is about a fictional, haunted town for middle-grade readers and it goes something like this: “For three hundred years, the Mayor of Cacklebat has kept his city’s supernatural secrets out of the national spotlight. Discovering a flyer for an undead dating service in the city’s cemetery, assisting a girl who unknowingly […]