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Write To: Teatr Licedei

I stumbled upon this gif yesterday: вбр795 GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY And, well, it’s strange. And oddly amusing. Often times, the things I stumble upon turn into ideas or characters I’d like to write one day if I wasn’t already drowning in my queue of everything else. I thought, hell, how about […]

Write To: /r/ImaginaryMonsters

For those of you a fan of monsters, the macabre, the supernatural, or the unusual, stroll through the Imaginary Monsters subreddit. The description of the page from the moderator is: “Pictorial art of monsters from the past or present, such as angels, demons, strange WTF creatures, drooling brutes, innocent-looking oddities, mythical hybrids, an image from a bestiary, […]

Write To: “haunted dreams” by magthree

A picture is worth a thousand words, or even a novel. One photo can spark an idea for a story, be the basis for your main characters, or even be a critical story event that then becomes the catalyst for a grander narrative. Such a photo came across my feed by photographer magthree, a Miami transplant in New York […]

Write to – the art of Stephen Gammell

It’s hard for me to think of a book, perhaps other than Ender’s Game or the Lone Wolf series, that influenced my budding love for books than Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Much of that is credited to the illustrator for the ghostly tales series, Stephen Gammell. Anyone who has seen his work for […]

Write To – the works of Don Kenn

Don Kenn (John Kenn Mortensen) is a Danish artist who draws monsters on post-it notes.  The drawings are truly creepy and they feel as if pulled from child’s unsettling dreamscape.  Check out  his wonderful art here at his personal gallery!  

Write To – Photography by Christopher McKenney

Photography by artist Christopher McKenney. Check out his artfully haunting gallery here: http://www.christophermckenney.com/   Christopher McKenney – Work