2016 March

More for Your Muse: Tabletop Audio

If you really want to immerse yourself in the environments where your scenes take place, you need to check out Tabletop Audio (http://tabletopaudio.com/). Tabletop Audio is a fantastic resource of original, 10-minute environmental and contextual ambiances. Currently there are 91 different ambiances to choose from, such as Dark City, Lively Cafe, Sleeping Dragon, Winter Woods, […]

Soundtracks for the Road – Mad Max: Fury Road

For a movie that can be summed up as one long, incredible car chase,┬áMad Max: Fury Road has a soundtrack that fits dangerously well into your commute. I say dangerous because these are not pleasant, hum-along tracks but rather bouts of intense percussion, strings, and electronic pounding that should be used cautiously in your car, […]