Music for Work

Music for Work: Parov Stelar

Holy shit is Parov Stelar great. Imagine the sounds and voices of the 1920’s mixed into electronic music of today and you’ve got Perov Stelar. You’ve probably heard some of his music in commercials around TV or the internet. The reason is because it’s upbeat, fun, and feel-good music. For those very reasons, I post it […]

Music for Work: Famicom Connection by Sabrepulse

If you are a fan of video games and have been playing since the late 80’s, early 90’s, you may, like me, share a love for the music of the 8-bit generation. As you may know, there is a whole genre of music, called chiptune, that creates music using the sounds from programmable sound generators […]

Music for Work: LP4 by Ratatat

Ratatat is an electronic rock duo based out of Brooklyn, New York that fuses stylish electronica with pop-rock and upbeat hip-hop. Why is that great for music while you work? Because it’s fun. The whole album is energetic, full of mirth and personality, and uptempo rhythms. You can hear in the music that the duo, Mike […]

Music for Work: Gloss Drop by Battles

This is my second post on the experimental rock band, Battles, a band whose music conjures adjectives like frenetic, technical, humorous, or, for a non-adjective, “Hey, what’s that dope ass sound you’re listening to?” Battles use a lot of the same sounds they employed in Mirrored for Gloss Drop, employing both analog instruments and electronics, but this time they did […]

Music for Work: Fever Forms by The Octopus Project

New series! Music for Work will showcase music with or without lyrics that might help you plow through your task list. The Octopus Project is an Austin-based indietronica group that blends upbeat indie pop with experimental electronic and analog sounds. The music is energetic, catchy, full of force, and at-times trance-like, creating effective tunnel vision for the work […]