We’re now on Twitter!

We are now on Twitter. Check us out at @MusicToWriteTo for any and all updates to the site for the music you love to write to. -Steve

Instrumental hip-hop

A talented group of young writers and poets at a high school in Wellington, FL write to and have performed slam poetry along with instrumental hip-hop. A fan of this genre myself (see my post about Blue Sky Black Death’s Noir), I listened to some of their suggestions and it has inspired me to do a […]

Happy New Year!

I am looking forward to my plans for 2017, and being more active with Music to Write to is one of them. Thanks to all of you who visit the site. It’s why I do it. Happy New Year! -Steve

Kids’ books done, back to MtWt

I’ve been absent! It’s for a good reason, though: since my first son was born, I have been making a book of memories and pictures for him which I give as a Christmas gift. The first book was for his first two years, the second book when he was two, and his third when he […]

Cubs win!

This is pretty wild: the year the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series, Gustav Mahler had been the conductor for the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Woah. To read more about his debut in January of 1908, read here.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate it. I enjoyed doing a seasonal highlight with the October Horror list. I may continue this type of seasonal focus as writers may be drafting stories around the holidays as they’re in our present lives. If that would be helpful for you, let me know at

October Horror List

If you aren’t following Music to Write to on Facebook yet, you should. There you will find updates when a new album or blog post goes up. This month MtWt has focused on film scores for horror films in celebration of Halloween and all the wonderfully macabre stories it inspires us to write. Be sure […]

It’s been some time!

I haven’t posted in awhile due to some extended hours at work, rigorous work on my son’s book, and then a death in the family followed by preparations for Hurricane Matthew. We came out of the hurricane just fine. I have music lined up to post and hope to get it up here shortly! Thanks to all […]

Music for Work: Famicom Connection by Sabrepulse

If you are a fan of video games and have been playing since the late 80’s, early 90’s, you may, like me, share a love for the music of the 8-bit generation. As you may know, there is a whole genre of music, called chiptune, that creates music using the sounds from programmable sound generators […]

Music for Work: LP4 by Ratatat

Ratatat is an electronic rock duo based out of Brooklyn, New York that fuses stylish electronica with pop-rock and upbeat hip-hop. Why is that great for music while you work? Because it’s fun. The whole album is energetic, full of mirth and personality, and uptempo rhythms. You can hear in the music that the duo, Mike […]